Let's Teach Nick Denton About Motorcycle Jackets

Ol' Man Denton wanted to buy a scooter. Nothing wrong with that. "I like scooters fine. But why not just get a motorcycle?" I asked. Especially since he was looking at 600-pound BMW maxi-scooters, which are great machines, but not exactly the little Soho-to-Brooklyn runabout he was talking about in the first place. » 7/09/14 11:39am 7/09/14 11:39am

Editorial Wrap-Up, Week of June 15th

You know what we have this week? A product roadmap for Kinja. That probably doesn't sound that exciting—and as a document, it's not! It's all just bullet points and lists—but what it means is that the Product team is out there banging away at improvements to Kinja all over the place, working in parallel on lots of… » 6/20/14 2:57pm 6/20/14 2:57pm

Editorial Wrap-Up, Week of May 16th

I'm over at the venue for Gizmodo's Home of the Future event. It's gonna be a weird one. (Good weird!) I'm ostensibly over here overseeing, but I must confess I'm spending a little bit of time with the lighting guys figuring out how professional, modern lighting consoles work. I made a big light spin around and I felt… » 5/16/14 12:04pm 5/16/14 12:04pm

Oculus Grift: Kickstarter As Charity For Venture Capitalists

There is a standing presumption when one backs a Kickstarter project: you may lose your money. But there's a new—or at least now proven—angle to consider, in light of Facebook's acquisition of the virtual reality company Oculus: people may use your money to make a lot more money without ever properly starting a… » 3/26/14 9:46am 3/26/14 9:46am

How To Grow a Media Network: Let Beautiful People Kiss Each Other

Thanks in large part to Sploid's post on stranger's kissing, "Watching complete strangers kiss for the first time is really beautiful", yesterday was one of the biggest days in the network's history. It's another great example of video repackaging, something that has served us well in the past. (And an indicator,… » 3/12/14 12:17pm 3/12/14 12:17pm

Editorial Wrap-Up, Week of Feb 17th

Here is a new leaderboard showing the top 120 users on Kinja, by uniques, on a rolling 30-day count. You'll notice that it's not just Gawker Media employees, but anyone on Kinja, including our partners like Playboy and Roadtrippers. And that there are directional arrows that show how you're trending relative to other… » 2/21/14 5:34pm 2/21/14 5:34pm