It's not raining this morning, but there's a big thunderstorm blowing across Missouri now, and I'm headed right into it. I'm still way behind schedule—trying to take meetings and work while on the road can be tricky, timing-wise, and I still have a bad habit of making long stops when I fill up every couple of hours. Can't help it. It's nice to just sit next to the bike and enjoy watching people motor by.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do tonight. I'd really hoped to either camp in Missouri or make it to my hometown of Buffalo, Missouri, but this thunderstorm is going to hit about 6PM (or earlier) and I don't think I'm going to get across the Mississippi before then. I've heard from a Kentucky local that the bridge across the river to Cape Girardeau is out, so I'm going to have to head through Cairo, Illinois instead. If I can get across the river before the storm hits and post up in a place with internet, that might be win enough for today. I'm getting sick of staying in hotels, though, even if it's only been two nights, so I've got half a mind to be a weirdo and just try to find a place outside that will be out of the wind.

Still, leaving here by 8:30 will get me several hours of road time before I have to hunker down, and if the winds ahead of the storm aren't too brutal, I should be able to make some pretty good time. Fingers crossed I'll see the Mississippi before the day is through.