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Editorial Wrap-Up, Week of Feb 17th

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Here is a new leaderboard showing the top 120 users on Kinja, by uniques, on a rolling 30-day count. You'll notice that it's not just Gawker Media employees, but anyone on Kinja, including our partners like Playboy and Roadtrippers. And that there are directional arrows that show how you're trending relative to other Kinja posts over the last 30 days.


Right now it's just for reference, but I'm thinking about adding a little bounty to the mix for the "greatest leap forward" in a month. We'd obviously have to pick a date like the first or last of the month to have a hard 30, not a rolling 30, but I think it could be a nice monetary reward for those who really surge forward in a month. Maybe we'll even open it up to any user on Kinja, not just employees and contractors.

The "greatest leap backwards" winner will receive an old fish, to sustain them.

We will also be welcoming a researcher next week who is working on her PhD thesis on the subject of "How metrics affect journalism." I hope you'll have plenty to talk to her about as I am very curious about what she'll discover.


I think I'm starting to have a fever, so I'm going to keep this week's wrap-up short. Still, here are the stories that caught my eye.

My favorite: A perfect story about the King in Yellow and True Detective, which ignited a momentary cottage industry on the net for stories about the occult literary references in the show and sold thousands of copies of a book from 1895.


Jalopnik brings in the first Recruit—a Kinja contributor. Comprehensive story from Gizmodo about stringers shots at the Olympics. Terry Crews takes his manly ire about minivans directly to Jalopnik. Kotaku continues to experiment with user collaborations in Kinja. In Hungarian: Albert Gazda (ethnically Hungarian, but from Ukraine) started as Cink’s new editor-in-chief on Monday and wrote the definitive piece on who’s who in the Ukraine riots.


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