Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be riding from Brooklyn to Kansas City, Missouri, then back again. Got to handle some family business. But I'll be working from the road, including reviewing some motorcycle gear for Gizmodo. I've got a couple of head lamps, some luggage from Kriega, a fancy helmet from Schuberth, and a Garmin GPS that's built specifically for motorcycles. And considering everything from here in Pittsburgh (I already left!) to south Missouri looks like it's going to rain and storms, I'll certainly be putting everything through a bit of watery hell.

I'll be writing up actual, you know, posts and reviews and such, but I wanted to put down a few words now to uncork the ol' noggin, especially since I intend to put up incidental pictures and posts throughout the trip here on my personal Kinja. (It's a chance to put Kinja through the wringer, too, since I've never really used it for blogging much myself.)

I'm gonna hop in the shower, pack up, and try to make it to Lexington, Kentucky tonight. (I'm not taking the most direct route, because it's boring as heck and I've never done the ride through Kentucky.) If there's anywhere I should see on the way through, I'm open to suggestions. (I know about the Bourbon Trail, but I'm probably not going to have time to tour any distilleries, although it wouldn't take much to sway me if there's a particular stop worth making.)

My intended route is through Kentucky, coming into the Missouri Ozarks around Cape Girardeau, since I need to make a run through Springfield before heading back north to Kansas City to see my sister and her kids. I haven't been in Kentucky for about ten years and never on a bike. I'm stoked.