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Dan Lyons is the next Valleywag

I'm excited to announce our next Valleywag: Dan Lyons, of Newsweek, Readwrite, and "Fake Steve Jobs" infamy, will be helming starting in January. Lyons is a bruiser, and returns from his self-inflicted exile from tech blogging when he's needed most, to preside over the implosion of one of late capitalism's most hilariously annoying bubbles—and maybe to hurry it along.

A word from Dan:

Like so many of the ambitious young folks in the Bay Area, I have always yearned for a chance to become a billionaire while making the world a better place. Now the nice people at Gawker Media have given me an opportunity to accomplish half of that goal.

I will attend tech conferences. I will eat free shrimp cocktails. (Lord, I love shrimp cocktails.) I will revel in the malfeasance of the willfully naive. I will not make "Yea, though I walk through the Valley…" jokes. I will do the simple and honorable job of afflicting the comfortable.


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