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Editorial Wrap-Up, Week of July 7th

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Get ready, summer fun fans—we're going to have an All-Hands Meeting. Expect discussion about our core motivating principles, best practices, future Kinja developments, and highlights from each of the major titles on Kinja.


Final date and time TBD, but expect it to be around the last week in July, with special guest appearances from the Product and Sales teams. Maybe even Nick Denton! And as before, we'll film it and put it online so those of you outside of the office can stay caught up.

We migrated the entire Edit group to this week, and Sales and Tech are soon to follow. We'll be building out further integrations over the coming weeks that will make your day-to-day communications much more seamless between everyone in the company. If you have an idea for a way we could use Slack to fuller effect, chime up in the #general channel or on Kinja. We've been talking integrating Slack and Kinja as well, so make sure you're comfortable regularly using both so you can give feedback and make your wish-lists before the official roll-out.


For those of us heading to Budapest: We'll be participating in a sort of hack day to test and modify all the ideas we cook up over the coming weeks. (This will be an ongoing process, though, so share ideas as you conceive them.)

Below are the week's best stories and favorite moments from our largest Kinja titles, as selected by those ornery editors-in-chief.

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