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The best news this week is the start of our new Editorial Operations Coordinator, Jane-Claire Quigley. Many of you have met her in the office already; please come up and say hi if you haven't! (She's got lilac hair, thus is hard to miss.) She's Jane@, if you need to contact her.


We've split the operations duties for each of the major groups into three positions across Tech, Edit, and Sales. (Tech's new Ops person started this week, as well. Her name is Ali.) J-C is going to be handling all of Edit's travel, budgeting, and general triaging for our entire group, so treat her nice, because she's going to be saving your ass when you next find it in a sling.

The other big initiative this week was within Tech, which has sketched out a road map for the next 3 months of product development on Kinja, with priorities around editor improvements, as well as UX/UI improvements for new users and Kinja in general. It is safe to say that this is the moment we've been building towards in the Tech team over several months of hiring and reorganizing, and I am excited to see what they can do now that they've been set loose.


I'm leaving Sunday for L.A., and will be back in the office on Thursday. E3 is this week, which means lots of video game news, so be nice to the Kotaku team as they tread through the nerd mire.

Traffic, on the whole, is generally flat, with 66.1M U.S. uniques and 106.4M global. Gawker is soundly back in the #1 slot, about to break 16M U.S. uniques per month.


And now, a word from our editors-in-chief.

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