I'm over at the venue for Gizmodo's Home of the Future event. It's gonna be a weird one. (Good weird!) I'm ostensibly over here overseeing, but I must confess I'm spending a little bit of time with the lighting guys figuring out how professional, modern lighting consoles work. I made a big light spin around and I felt like a wizard.


As before, I've asked the editors-in-chief of our core titles to stop by and share their favorite and most popular stories of the week. You can see that down in the discussion below.

Max Read has been hiring up a storm before he bailed to go fuck around in Italy for two weeks. Gawker.com has added seven more staffers in the last two months—and Max isn't done hiring.


We're hiring across all the sites, in fact, which new writers on almost every title. The hiring focus will continue to stay heavily on Gawker and Gizmodo for the near future, and I hope to have most of that locked down by August so we can blog bravely into the future.

I've put together a cross-department team to flesh out our metrics. It's one of those things that seems easy at first pass, but ends up touching a million other things. We currently build most of the company around the idea of "uniques"—unique visitors on a 30-day roll—from which we calculate general site success/health, individual writers' performance, bonuses, how we market ourselves to ad clients, etc. While we're not throwing uniques away, we do want to continue to measure interaction within the comments, how people are using the invites system, etc., as well as be more transparent about where everyone is on more than an monthly basis. (Real-time per story is ambitious for now, but we're going to aim for daily accuracy down to the author for now.) But that also touches some dashboard projects happening in the product team, as well as work that Greg Lopez and I are doing with budgets, which also affects how... Anyway, we're working on it.™


I'd encourage all of you working out of 210 to stop by the Home of the Future for at least a minute, even if you don't come to the opening party tonight. There's some super cool stuff just sitting around to be played with, not to mention all the events that will be happening throughout the week.

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