The best thing that happened this week was that our long meetings about the future of the company, specifically as related to product strategy, have finally reached their conclusions. Now we're on to road maps and planning that will set the product teams free to build the collaborative media platform that is Kinja. I believe our ideas about what Kinja could be have always been more or less pointed in the right direction; I now think we've got the best chance to let our product teams build a platform that can live up to our aggressive aim.

Also I went to the Silent Disco and drank too much rum.

Gizmodo's Home of the Future is just two weeks away—that'll be a fun one.

One of Deadspin's Recruits has already had his second million+ uniques story. (I won't mention him by name so you don't try to assassinate him.) (It's Jon Gugala.)


Rather than picking out my favorite stories and linking them (although you should be able to track which stories I'm engaging with in the comments, which typically are my favorites) I've asked the site leads to get in the comments and link their best work of the week. But anyone is welcome to add their favorites!

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