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Editorial Wrap-Up, Week of September 28th

We began discussions for a minor site refresh project—mostly visual—that will be implemented early next year, with development starting over the next few months. More details soon, as for now there are few details to share. We're basically just collecting ideas!

We also sat down with most of the staff of to collect some ideas for editorial initiatives for the back half of 2014. Many strong notions—Leah Finnegan was crowned Head Baby Names Critic right then and there—and a few struck me as almost inevitable thanks to their potential. One stumble: who actually wants to go to fucking Albany?


Gizmodo is next up for a similar dive, later this month when Brian Barrett is next in the city. It remains our largest site by revenue and typically by traffic, yet seems like it has so much potential to grow even more. That's why we'll continue to hire writers for Gizmodo at least through the end of the year, with a focus especially on writers with clean, clear opinion and position skills, ideally from backgrounds and areas of expertise traditionally overlooked by tech publications.

In sad news for us, but exciting news for her, we're also saying goodbye to Dodai.


Below, some of our editors' favorite stories of the week.

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