I just sent this to the Jezebel staff.

Today, I made an offer to Emma Carmichael to return to Gawker Media as Editor-in-Chief of Jezebel. She accepted. Jessica and I are still working out her next role after she steps down from Jezebel—she's very likely going to be working with me directly spearheading a new cross-site interviews initiative—but in the interim she'll be working with Emma and deputy editor Dodai Stewart to figure out a transition schedule sometime around late summer or early fall.

There were many amazing candidates under consideration. I hope to hire and keep them all. And to take the helm of such a pioneering title is a daunting role, especially considering Gawker Media's mandate to never let one of our titles grow staid or unchallenging. I'm sure Emma will rise to the challenge, especially with your help.

Please feel free to hit me up directly if you have questions.

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