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Gawker Media Hits 80 Million U.S. Uniques (And Q4 Awaits)

Earlier this year, I set a traffic goal for the Gawker Media Network of 80 million U.S. uniques, to be achieved by the end of the year. I'm pig-in-shitted to announce that as of today, Gawker Media has crossed that line, bringing in 81.3 million U.S. uniques over the last 30 days, as part of a greater 126.8 million global uniques.


Generic social stories helped, such as those around the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but original content fared nearly as well: Jezebel's "Disney Dudes' Dicks" post brought in almost 3 million new visitors on its own, alongside tales of car writers locked up for speeding, lively, candid talk about what people pay for rent, kitschy Apple products of the past, abuse of the term 'gentrification,' and how America is still fundamentally structured to hold back our black citizens.


While I'm happy to crow, it's important to qualify that one of the best traffic weeks happened while most of the senior editorial staff were on a company trip to Budapest—this is a team effort, through and through. Thank you for making my job easy.

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